Gonad- and skin sample collection at Lillafüred Trout Farm

On the 13th of October we went for a field trip to Lillafüred in the company of Slovenian and Brazilian collegues. For diverse ongoing experiments of the researchers from the group, different samples were taken from the tiger trout individuals. Tiger trout is the hybrid of the species brown- and brook trout species and has a special pattern on the skin.

tiger trout individual

fish farm with golden trouts

tiger trout for sampling

Gyuri, the leader of the trout farm is catching some fish for us

the first fish is ready for sampling (from left: Isabela, our Brazilian MSc student, Ida and Simona; Slovenian collegues from the University of Ljubljana, and Jelena with Zoran)

checking the sample

celebrity :)

Eszti and Isabela with golden trouts :)

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