5th AQUAGAMETE training school: Cryopreservation of fish germ cells

Three members of our group had the luck to participate at the 5th AQUAGAMETE training school in Valencia from 07-03-2016 to 11-03-2016 (organized by Dr. Juan Asturiano at the Polytechnic University of Valencia). Ákos was invited as a speaker, Ági and Eszti were selected as trainees.

Eszti, Ákos and Ági during the field trip of the second day of the course

During the 5 days of the course we have heard very interesting presentations by Dr. Asturiano, Dr. Pšenička, Dr. Labbé, Dr. Pifferer, Dr. Robles, Dr. Pérez, Dr. Ciereszko and Dr. Soler.

Dr. Pifferer presenting about epigenetics

 ...and we also prepared some presentations: 

Ákos's second presentation was about standardization of methods

students also made some presentations, here Eszti is advertising this blog :)

Ági presenting her results
And we have gained experience in cryopreservation, spermatogonia isolation and microinjection:

David showing us some cryopreservation tehcniques

examination of eel sperm motility

microinjection practice

Victor dissecting a male eel to obtain testis for spermatogonia isolation
Percoll gradient procedure
Dr. Pšenička during microinjection

the right point to inject 2-cell zebrafish embryos
Dr. Pšenička showed us how to inject zebrafish larvae

Eszti pulls a capillary for microinjection

Ági practicing microinjection
Ákos practicing microinjection

We have visited PROISER facilities at the Scientific Parc of the University of Valencia:

Ági examines sperm motilty in the facility of PROISER

sperm head morphometrty analysis (ASMA) at PROISER

And we had a beautiful field trip at the Albufera lagoon:

the map shows the original size of Albufera lagoon (green) and the actual size (small blue lake)

landscape with the city of Valencia in the background

workers of the Tancat de la Pipa collect and remove invasive species found in the nets

this small crayfish is also a non-native species in this area

boat trip in the lagoon

Center for preservation of freshwater species
walking in El Palmar

eel males

Fishermen facilities, El Palmar

presenation: Dr. Jover and Dr. Asturiano

this is the point where eels can swim out to the sea from the lagoon

In conclusion, the course was really interesting, and full of nice experiences, thanks to the organizers!

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