CEEPUS Summer Course 2016 - New fields, advances and innovation in aquaculture and fisheries

Our deparment has organized a CEEPUS Summer School between 04/July/2016 and 09/July/2016.
The members of our group also participated with giving lectures and practices (listed below) to the students of the summer school.

  • Dr. Urbányi, Béla: Introduction of world and European aquaculture production, outlines of problems and breakout opportunities, trends and development directions, general description of biotechnology and genetic processes used in fish farming.
  • Dr. Horváth, Ákos: Cryopreservation in aquatic species.
  • Dr. Jelena Lujic: Germ cell transplantation as a novel technique in aquaculture and fish conversation
  • Zoran Marinovic: Isolation and transplantation of fish primordial germ cells and spermatogonia

  • Fish sperm cryopreservation in practice (Bernáth, Gergely, Kása, Eszter)
  • Methodology and work on molecular biology techniques (Dr. Kovács, Balázs, Ősz,Ágnes and Guti, Csaba)
  • Spermatogonia isolation (Zoran Marinovic)

Some pictures from the course:

Presentation of Ákos

Practical class given by Gergő and Eszti

Gergő during cryopreservation practice

Jelena's presentation

Jelena and the students
practice with Zoran and Jelena

Zoran's presentation

happy group :)

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