6th COST AQUAGAMETE Training School in Rennes

Ágnes was participated as a selected candidate in 6th COST AQUAGAMETE training school in Rennes, France. It was focused on the Molecular Basis of Gamete Quality and Reproduction, with a strong orientation towards genomic tools. The course was organized by the Fish Physiology and Genomics Department of INRA between June 6th and 10th 2016, and coordinated by Julien Bobe and and Catherine Labbé.

The course included conferences on:
  • Sperm genetic damage and repair in Fish (Paz Herraez, Spain)
  • Overview of sequencing technologies and strategies available to analyze fish reproduction (Yann Guiguen, France)
  • Epigenetics and inheritance (Francesc Piferrer, Spain)
  • Transgenesis approaches in fish reproduction  
  • CrispR/Cas9 technology for research on fish reproduction (Amaury Herpin, France)
  • microRNA and female fecundity (Amine Bouchareb, France)

The practical sessions included experiments on:
  • RNA extraction and meausing of quality and quantity
  • Microarray analysis of fish samples in reproduction researc
  • Sequence searching including tools presentation, primer design, phylogeny/syntheny search
Cover the microarray for analysis

Everybody paid attention to the analysis (except Carina and Effrossyni:P)

The group

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