Joint meeting of the 22nd International Congress of Zoology (ICZ) & the 87th meeting of the Zoological Society of Japan (ZSJ)

Ákos has participated at the Joint meeting of the 22nd International Congress of Zoology (ICZ) & the 87th meeting of the ZSJ that was held on 14-19th November, 2016 at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Okinawa, Japan. The meeting had more than 700 registered attendees from all over the world. A symposium on the reproduction of aquatic organisms was organized by Dr. Yoshida Manabu where representatives of the COST Action FA1205 AQUAGAMETE (including Dr. Juan F. Asturiano from Spain, Dr. Martin Pšenička from Czech Republic and Ákos) had the opportunities to present their results as well as those of the Action. A gigantic poster session of the conference with 728 posters was also organized at the Okinawa Convention Center.

The Fish Reproduction Group was represented at the meeting with the following works:

Oral presentations:

Juan F. Asturiano, María J. Bayarri, Ákos Horváth: AQUAGAMETE COST Action. Resume of activities and results 2013-2016
Akos Horvath, Eszter Kasa, Juan F Asturiano: Sperm cryopreservation and vitrification of aquatic species


Carina Caldeira, Ákos Horváth, Dusan Jesensek, Branko Glamuzina, Carles Soler: Sperm kinetic assessment of Adriatic grayling (T. thymallus) and European flat oyster (O. edulis)
Eszter Kasa, Dusan Jesensek, Gergely Bernath, Timea Kollar, Zoltan Bokor, Bela Urbanyi, Akos Horvath: Vitrification of the sperm of salmonid species

AQUAGAMETE reunion in Okinawa: Dr. Luz Perez (Spain), Dr. Martin Pšenička (Czech Republic), Ákos, Dr. Juan F. Asturiano (Spain)

Ákos presenting a poster by the Fish Reproduction Group

A working dinner with friends

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