Mid-project meeting in Slovenia

On July 18th, Jelena, Zoran and Ákos went to the Department of Animal Science of the Biotechnical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana in Domžale, Slovenia to have a mid-project meeting with our Slovenian colleagues, Simona Sušnik Bajec and Ida Djurdjevič in the project NKFIH SNN 116912 devoted to the interspecific transplantation of spermatogonia. We have discussed our progress with the project, the challenges that we are facing and possible solutions to them. We were pleasantly surprised that the triploid rainbow trout recipients that were transplanted with brown trout spermatogonia are close to sexual maturity and the first spawning might be attempted this coming fall. We thank Simona and Ida for hosting us in Slovenia and are looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Ákos giving an update on the status of the project
Meeting participants: Zoran, Ákos, Ida, Simona and Jelena

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