Work in Lillafüred

On December 14-15th, Jelena, Zoran and Ákos went to Lillafüred to conduct experiments on the transplantation of brown trout spermatogonia to triploid rainbow trout larvae. Triploid rainbow trout eggs were sent by our colleagues working at Pisciculture Expérimentale Inra des Monts d’Arrée (Peima) in Bretagne, France. We managed to transplant spermatogonia into approximately 300 recipients which will be grown to sexual maturity at the Lillafüred Trout Farm. We also had the chance to examine the gonads of adult individuals of the hybrid tiget trout, a potential recipient. As always, we are grateful to György Hoitsy, his family and all his colleagues who did their best to assist us in spite of the usual Christmas fish sale that took all their energies. We are looking for a continued collaboration in the coming year!

Examination of brown trout gonads before isolation of spermatogonia

Triploid rainbow trout larva waiting for transplantation

Zoran conducting transplantation in field conditions

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