Hungarian-Belgian collaboration

Between February 13th and 20th, Ákos, Gergő and Dr. Zoltán Bokor visited Belgium and France in the frames of the Hungarian-Belgian (Wallonian) bilateral project. The objectives of the visit were to conduct experiments on the quality of sperm as well as endocrine status of pikeperch males following hormonal induction. In this project we collaborate with our partners Prof. Patrick Kestemont and Dr. Robert Mandiki of the University of Namur in Belgium. This time, we were also joined by our old friends Dr. Daniel Żarski and Dr. Jarosław Król of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland who spent a month in France working on an AQUAEXCEL2020 mission. The sampling went as planned and hopefully the results of the work will be published.

Ákos, Gergő, Sébastien Baekelandt, Zoltán Bokor, Imen Ben Ammar, Daniel Żarski, Jarosław Król and Robert Mandiki

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