23rd Biotechnology Conference in Serbia

On 9th and 10th March our team participated at the 23rd Biotechnology Conference organized by Agronomy Faculty, University of Kragujevac, Serbia. We used the opportunity to present the results of our current project.
Lujić J., Marinović Z., Kása E., Šćekić I., Urbányi B., Horváth Á. "Surrogate production in freshwater fish", 23rd Biotechnology Conference, 9-10.March 2018; Čačak, Serbia.pp.123.

Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony

Jelena, Zoran and Ilija during poster section
Jelena presenting our work in poster section
Visit the monastery near Čačak with our colleagues from FYR Macedonia and University from Skopje
Dinner with colleagues from Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia and Hercegovina
With our friends from University of Tuzla (Bosnia and Hercegovina) and University of Kragujevac (Serbia)

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