Autumn field work in Slovenia

Ákos, Gergő and Eszti were in Tolmin, Slovenia for sperm cryopreservation and vitrification work on the Marble trout (Salmo marmoratus) from 16-11-2015 to 20-11-2015.

A part of the experimental fish were supplied by the Angling Association of Tolmin, the other part was collected from the natural habitat (a genetically pure population) of this species.

marble trout selection at the fish farm of the Angling Association

marble trout

fish waiting for sampling

during anesthesia (top: marble trout, bottom: hybrid trout from the Rižana river)

sperm collection for cryopreservation experiments

egg collection for fertilisation tests

our team at work

on the way to Huda Grapa, the natural habitat of a pure Marble trout population

searching for fish below a waterfall

Gergő climbing up

Dušan climbing up

still collecting fish (from left: Elvis, Dušan, Ákos)

We caught 8 male marbles, let's start stripping the sperm!

anasthesia in the field

sperm stripping

these fish are tagged with ID numbers, all of these individuals are investigated for their life history and genetics by our collegues from the Biological Station Tour de Valat in France and the University of Ljubljana

Gergő was releasing the fish after stripping

Dušan and Ákos during sperm collection

samples stored in a box, waiting for cryopreservation

cryopreservation in the field (Gergő and Ákos pouring liquid nitrogen onto frozen samples)

We had the opportunity to visit the new trout farm in Tolmin, which has just opened in the summer of 2015.

tank full of trouts

the main building has "scales" and the fish tanks have the shape of a fish body

the farm is equipped with a modern processing system, here Dusan is showing the smoking chamber

And last but not least, a video about stripping the sperm of Marble Trout at Huda Grapa:

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