Transplantation work in Slovenia part 1

Jelena and Zoran were in Slovenia at the Department for Animal Science, Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana. With our colleagues Simona, Ida, Aleš and Nejc they did preliminary gonadal cryopreservation experiments and preparation of the tissue for transplantation on trout species. 

Hungarian/Slovenian team (from the left: Ida, Aleš, Simona, Jelena and Zoran)
at the trout farm
it is always good time to get some new, interesting information
work at the trout farm
packing the fish - it is time for the lab
work in the lab
work in the lab
atmosphere in the lab with dr Saša Marić (University of Belgrade, Serbia) and Mateja Janeš (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

happy face by Zoran
happy face by Nejc
storyteller on the Lake Bled


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