7th AQUAGAMETE Training School: Fish proteomics

Two members of our group, Timi and Gergő have participated as trainees at the 7th AQUAGAMETE Training School entitled "Fish proteomics" from 26/09/16 to 30/09/16 in Olsztyn, Poland. Training School was organized by Professor Andrzej Ciereszko (Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polsih Academy of Sciences) and supported by COST Action FA1205: AQUAGAMETE.

The participants of the Training School

Beside the very interesting lectures, which were held by Professor Ciereszko, Professor Serhiy Souchelnytskyi (College of Medicine, Qatar University) and Dr. Thomas Fröhlich (Laboratory of Functional Genome Analysis, Gene Center of the University of Munich), we have gained experience in protein sample preparations from different fish tissue, electrophoresis, computer analysis of gels and mass spectrometry identification of proteins by the help of the Training Team (Dr. Mariola Dietrich, Dr. Joanna Nynca, Dr. Mariola Słowińska, M.Sc. Agnieszka Mostek and M.Sc. Błażej Westfalewicz). On the last day of the Training School, each trainees have reported their results, experiences and conclusions.

Starting electrophoresis in the first dimension (isoelectrofocusing)

Preparation SDS-gels for the second dimension 


Mass spectrometry identification of proteins

During lecture

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