STSM in Santander

Last week, Ákos has participated at a Short-term Scientific Mission (STSM) of the COST Action FA 1205 AQUAGAMETE at the "El Bocal" Research Facility of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography in Santander, Spain. The objective of the STSM was to carry out experiments on the sperm of the Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis), test cryopreservation methods developed for other marine fish species. The host of the STSM was Dr. Vanesa Robles and Ákos had the opportunity to meet the investigators working at the facility. During the stay, a meeting of five scientists working in the area of fish reproduction was held in order to plan a project proposal for funding by the EU. We all thank Vanesa for the wonderful organization and hospitality!
Dr. Olvido Chereguini introducing Ákos to the work with the Senegalese sole

Sperm cryopreservation in the lab

Participants of the project meeting: Dr. Catherine Labbé (INRA, Rennes, France), Ákos, Dr. Vanesa Robles (IEO, Santander, Spain), Dr. Ignacio Giménez (Rara Avis Biotec, Valencia, Spain), Dr. Juan F. Asturiano (UVP, Valencia, Spain)

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