Transplantation in Lillafüred vol. 2

On March 9-10th, we continued our transplantation work at the Lillafüred Trout Farm. As previously, spermatogonia and oogonia were isolated from rainbow trout and transplanted into newly hatched tiger trout recipients. What made this occasion special was that this time we enjoyed the company of two students from the University of Novi Sad in Serbia, Nataša Cvetković and Jovana Lovren. They participate in a training stay in Gödöllő and came with us to Lillafüred. Both were very enthusiastic to learn about trout and transplantation. As always, our gratitude goes to Mr. György Hoitsy, the manager of the Lillafüred Trout Farm whose hospitality was overwhelming.
Teamwork in the isolation of rainbow trout gonads

Jovana and...
...Nataša during transplantation

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